Coming from the sunshine coast of Southern England

The Surrounding Area


The Village of Alfriston  (3.23 mins)

Lying beside the River Cuckmere, in a valley cradled on both sides by the South Downs,
Alfriston is one of the most picturesque of our ancient villages. During the Middle Ages
it was a thriving market community, but by the 19th century its reputation had been marred
by the trade of smuggling. The Old Market Cross Inn  was originally the home of Stanton
Collins, leader of the Alfriston Gang who was later transported to the penal colony of
Australia. Its 14th century church has been called the Cathedral of the Downs, while nearby
the Old Clergy House has the distinction of being the first property owned by the National Trust. 

Beachy Head

Hang Gliding at Beachy Head  (2.25 mins)

In recent years, the mound of earth that once housed the RAF radar station at

Beachy Head has been transformed into a landing and take-off point for the sport

of Hang Gliding.

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Discovering the South Downs  (1.14 minutes)

Beachy head is featured in this delightful tour of the South Downs. The Downs stretch 100 miles

through two counties linking Beachy Head with the ancient capital of England, Winchester. It's a

downland praised by many writers, attracting visitors from all over the world. This is a unique piece

of English history, for all along the rolling downland ancient man left his mark, distinct features on the

landscape. This is a short trailer  of Discovering the South Downs the 57 minute documentary

that can be obtained from Eastbourne Live and other outlets, including the Beachy Head Centre. 

       Above photograph : The South Downs at the River Cuckmere

        DVD £10.99.

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Discovering the Sussex Coast (55 secs)

Beachy Head and Eastbourne are featured in Discovering the Sussex Coast, which takes the viewer on

an excursion from Rye down to Emsworth on the Hampshire border. This Sussex coastline of shingle

beaches, chalk cliffs, river estuaries and marshland are all part of a wider tapestry of English history from

the Roman invasion in AD43 to Britain's front line in the Second World War. The artefacts of these

centuries still remain making the sea coast a fascinating attraction. This is a tailor to the 54 minute documentary, available on 

DVD £10.99. from Eastbourne Live and other outlets including the Beachy Head Countryside Centre.

Photograph above : The remains of Hasting's  harbour

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East Dean

Parson Darby  (2.15 mins)

Three hundred years ago in 1705, Parson Jonathan Darby, Rector of East Dean died from the
effects of a long, self-imposed vigil in stormy weather, warning ships of the treacherous inshore
waters of Beachy Head. What he created was the first warning light, its role later taken over by
Belle Tout and later Beachy Head lighthouse.

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East Dean Church

A tour of this ancient  church and its history, recorded in 1979.


Jevington Village (4.55 minutes)

Jevington lies in a fold in the South Downs, a village made famous for its horse racing stables.
In the centre of the village stands the Eight Bells Inn, today a popular place for locals and tourists
alike, but in 1799 it was owned by a notorious smuggler who was later transported to the
penal colony of Australia. 


Litlington Village (1.54 mins)

A quiet timeless hamlet lying almost isolated in the Cuckmere Valley,  partly hidden by the folds of
the South Downs on a narrow road that runs from the main coastal road at Exceat to the village of
Wilmington. Its ancient church, built in 1150 stands on a point of land over-looking the tidal waters
of the river and meadowland that often floods in the winter.

Lullington Church  (56 secs)

Within the parish of Alfriston stands Lullington Church, it is said to be the smallest in Sussex,
measuring just sixteen square feet and  having seating capacity for only twenty people.



Pevensey Flower Festival 2008 (1.29 mins)

Pevensey Parish Church celebrated its 100th annual Flower Festival on Saturday, 23rd

August 2008.

Pevensey Castle  (1.52 mins)

The Romans built the fortress around 250AD as an anchorage for their ships and to protect the

nearby city of Anderida, which gave the castle its name. In AD491, the fortress fell before the

onslaught of the Saxon warlord, Aelle and everyone within was slaughtered. In 1066, William

camped briefly within the walls on his way to the fateful Battle of Hastings. After the Conquest, a Norman castle was built within

the walls and was besieged three times, first by William Rufus, Stephen and then Simon de Montford and gallantly defended by

Lady Joan Pelham.


Polegate  (1.53 mins)

Polegate grew into a commuter town with the arrival of the railway in the 19th century; prior to that it
was the inns such as the Horse and Groom which welcomed the stage coaches. One of Polegate's
best loved attractions is an old windmill built in 1817.

Out of the Ordinary Festival  (31.15 mins)

The Peace Circle at Knockhatch Park between Hailsham and  Wilmington, was the venue for the

second annual three-day Out Of The Ordindary Festival held from the 12th - 14th September 2008.

Eastbourne Live TV was there to capture the event.

Winter Solstice (10.44 mins)

A number of people braved the cold December chill to celebrate the Winter Solstice at a newly

created Peace Circle half way between Wilmington and Hailsham at Knockhatch Park.



Wilmington (3.04 mins)

It is said that the 1,600 year old yew tree in the churchyard was planted over the grave of a
Saxon chief. The church was built in Norman times and during the 13th century became
part of the adjacent Benedictine priory.  The village itself is timeless, a mixture of centuries
each blending in perfect harmony.


This is the original butterfly window destroyed  when the church caught fire some years ago.

The Long Man of Wilmington (40 secs)

The origin of the extraordinary ancient figure on Windover Hill is lost in the mystery of time. Many believe it to be
a fertility God with hands outstretched opening up doors to another domain. Even today it is a site of pilgrimage
when pagans ritually celebrate the changing seasons of the year.


Mitchelham Priory  (in Sound Only)

A historical tour of this ancient priory recorded in 1977.