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Save Eastbourne's Downland

As the date for the Eastbourne Council's meeting with its crucual vote came ever nearer, a large protest march took place on Saturday, February 25th 2017, through Eastbourne, from Banker's Corner to the Central Bandstand.

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Downland Sell off Protest

On Satrurday, December 3rd 2016, a large crowd gathered at Beachy Head to protest against the proposed sell of by Eastbourne Council of the Downland.

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Butts Brow Dig 2016

On Saturday, 6th August 2016, Eastbourne Live visited the prehistoric dig at the Beehive Pantation, Butts Brow above Willingdon to see the progress of this interesting archaeological excavation. This part of Eastbourne's Downland is particularly rich in prehistoric hill sites and burial mounds. The dig was a cooperation of Eastbourne Heritage and the East Sussex Archaeoloical department and more are planned. In the 1960's Richard Bradley of Southampton University found a 'Beaker Period' site above Birling Gap and this is going to be reinvestigated. There are also plans to look beneath Eastbourne's Carpet Gardens where the Roman mosaics of the Count of the Saxon Shore palace was once located. And Butts Brow is set over the next few years to have further visits, so helping to illuminate our knowledge of the Eastbourne area since prehistoric times.

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Old Town Fete 2016

On a bright sunlite, Saturday, July 23rd 2016. Eastbourne's Old Town Fete attracted crowds to this annual event.

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Eastbourne celebrates Queen's 90th Birthday

On Sunday, June 12th 2016, Eastbourne together with hundreds of towns celebrated the Queen's 90th birthday with street parties, at Dursley Road and the largest in Eastbourne, Meads Street.

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Eastbourne's annual Peace Vigil 

On New Year’s Day at 12 noon the annual Peace Vigil was held in the town centre beside the Millennium stone in the main precinct. Tributes were made to its founder George Farebrother who died in 2015 and who originally sited the event on the Town Hall steps. Members of the Eastbourne for Peace and Liberty Group, Eastbourne People’s Assembly, Friends of the Earth and the Green Party joined in the vigil, with readings that concluded with Jean Farebrother quoting the United Nation’s prayer for peace.

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Eastbourne’s Faith Forum 2015

The Seventh Annual Eastbourne’s Faith Forum was held on Tuesday, 17th November 2015, its theme this year was ‘Give Peace a Chance’.

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Anthony Chamberlaine Brothers at the Heritage Centre

Local film actor, BBC radio broadcaster and writer, Anthony Chamberlaine Brothers, talked of his life experiences at a lecture held at the Eastbourne Heritage Centre on Wednesday, October 21st 2015

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Bonfire Parade 2015  (6.30 mins)

On Saturday, October 3rd 2015, the annual Bonfire Parade along Eastbourne's seafront was celebrated by over 15 bonfire societies from all over Sussex. Many hundreds of people lined Eastbourne's seafront from Fishermans Green to the Wish Tower.

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In memory of Maurice Macey, Spitfire pilot  

Maurice Macey, a spitfire pilot during the Second World War, who gained the nickname Hawkeye, died at his Westham home on Friday 4th, aged 92. He was one of the fighter pilots that defended the D-Day Landings, before being shot down by anti-aircraft fire and being taken prisoner in France. After the war, he continued in the Royal Air Force flying Vampire jets. He was a popular fisherman having his home and boat on Pevensey Bay beach.

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Meads Village Picnic

Saturday, September 5th 2015, was the launch date for the newly formed Friends of Meads Parks and Gardens, with a village picnic in the grounds of Helen Gardens.

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Old Town Fete 2015

The annual Old Town Fete & Dog Show, hosted by Eastbourne Churches, is now in its eighth year. From visiting such a variety of stalls to watching an amazing collection of dogs, the afternoon was with fun bathed in perfect sunshine

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Remembering Sandy Powell

Hundreds of people gathered at the Elms Avenue home of Sandy Powell as a plaque was erected to the memory of this well-loved entertainer. His contribution in comedy films and on the radio in the 1930's made him a household name, a quality that remained throughout his life. On Monday, 13th April 2015, the British Music hall Society paid tribute to this skilled comedian.
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George Farebrother

A lifelong leading peace activist, George Farebrother, died on the 5th February 2015, after a long illness.
This last recording made only a month before he passed away is a wonderful testament to a dedicated
and powerful advocate for peace and reconciliation.

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             Annual New Year Vigil

Every year at noon on the Town Hall steps people gather for the annual Peace Vigil. It is a time to remember the
numerous past and present conflicts, in the hope that the message of peace may radiate out and become a reality.

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Little Chelsea celebrates Christmas 

On Friday evening, December 5th, hundreds joined in the festivities at Little Chelsea with a
Christmas celebration stretching from end to end of South Street. A clear night, warm for the time
of year added to the
success of the event, with dozens of stalls and other amusements to inspire
young and old alike.

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People's Climate Change March in Eastbourne

On Sunday, September 21st 2014, marchers gathered near to Eastbourne's Pier as part of an international campaign to influence world leaders at their climate change conference.

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Pococks Field Archaeological Excavation

During the Summer and Autumn of 2014, Pococks Field off King's Drive has been the site an important excavation into Eastbourne's history.

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Corn Circle at Wilmington

On Thursday, July 3rd 2014 a corn circle appeared in a farmer's field just below the Wilmington Gaint, itwas in an isolated spot and of a considerable size. Eastbourne Live was on the scene.

(Photograph : Steve Alexander)

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Wassailing returns to Willingdon

The thousand-year-old tradition of Wassailing was revived in Willingdon in 2014 by The Long Man
Morris Men; with Morris Dancing, a torch-lit procession by the Eastbourne Bonfire Society, apple
blessing and folk songs in the Wheatsheaf Pub.

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Bee Tea at the Town Hall 

On Friday, 22nd November 2013 we were all invited to a Bee Tea at the Town Hall. What is a Bee Tea, watch and see!

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Seedy Sunday

It's October 27th 2013, the date for the seedy sunday event at Eastbourne's Leaf Hall. And it's closely connected to the Transition Project as it answers the vital questions 'what can we do'.

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Eastbourne Transition Project

Eastbourne Community Orchards and gardens is a new group that has formed to encourage small communities to start using any spare land that they have to grow fruit trees, soft fruits, nut trees, vegetables, herbs and or wild flowers. Eastbourne Live covered the first phase when members started to clear the site and prepare it for the Spring. Eastbourne Community Orchards evolved from The Eastbourne Friends Of the Earth Group and is part of the food growing initiative of Transition Town Eastbourne. ECO has the full support of Eastbourne Borough Council in these projects.

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Holywell Spring 2013

At least once a year there is a gathering at Eastbourne's Holywell, the place were the spring waters
still come through the cliffs. A person who has been miraculously cured speaks of his experience.

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Saxon Village 

A Saxon village was recreated in the grounds of Gildredge Park over the Bank Holiday Weekend of May 4th-6th 2013. Eastbourne, as its many place names show, was once a busy Saxon community

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Eastbourne's Water Meadows

For Centuries the land in the centre of Eastbourne has been water meadows. As winter approaches the amount of water increases across the levels until it takes on the appearance of an inland sea. These shots were taken at the south end of Kings Drive, the land that has been designated for a massive housing development. In years to come, any development on the water meadows will increase the water table and thereby endanger all low-lying houses.

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Memorial Fly Past 

A memorial service was held at Beachy Head on Sunday, April 28th 2013, for the 55,000 airmen of
Bomber Command who lost their lives in the Second World War. Afterwards there was a fly past of
many vintage aircraft.

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                    Save the DGH March

On Saturday, 15th September 2012, a huge crowd of people paraded from Eastbourne's Redoubt to the Wish Tower. It was  a march to save the Eastbourne General Hospital from being downsized to what, as one speaker predicted, could finish up as a community hospital.

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                   Stroke Awareness Event 

On Saturday 17th September 2011, the Arlington Road and Lighthouse Medical Practices organised another informative and well-attended health event. A wide range of associations were at hand to advise on a variety of health issues and prevention.

Helpful Addresses and telephone numbers:

Freedom Leisure Centre, Hailsham 01323 846755

                                  Stephanie Wadlow, health & fitness

                                 The Stroke Association - Tel: 0303 3033 100

                                Eastbourne Citizens Advice Bureau 01323 417177

                                Age Concern Eastbourne 01323 638474 

                                East Sussex Link – The County’s Local Involvement Network in Health &Social Care

                                Elizabeth Mackie 01323 514510 Link Manager

                                Independent Living Services 01424 464890 & 0800 9174569

                                Lifeline 01323 644422 

                               Community First Responders more info 01273 489444

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                    Uncovering the Past in Grange Gardens 

On Friday, July 15th 2011, the Duke and Duchess of Devonshire visited the site of an exciting archaeological excavation in Grange Gardens, to uncover Eastbourne’s rich legacy of Roman, Saxon and Medieval history. This two-week dig has attracted 50 volunteers and is open to public gaze daily from 10am – 12noon and 2pm – 4pm with free-guided tours.

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                   Day 3, July 17th 2011  (3.48 mins)  > Click to View ( mp4)

                  Day 7, July 22nd 2011 (2.33 mins)  > Click to View (mp4)

                  Day 12, July 26th 2011 (7.50 mins)  > Click to View ( mp4)

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Blessing the Holy Well (Holywell)

Was reopened and was celebrated by a blessing service on Monday, August 30th 2010.

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                   Sir Jim Lester

On his recent visit to Eastbourne, Sir Jim Lester, spoke to Eastbourne Live about his influential career and his long service both as a Member of Parliament and the Cabinet. During his term of office, he has visited numerous countries at their critical time of evolution. This interview is a fascinating record & insight into recent history, revealing the background to many of the events that have shaped our present world.

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Flame of Hope

The Flame of Hope started its journey from Dover, arriving in Eastbourne on Bank Holiday Monday,
April 5th. On Tuesday, it continues on its next stage to Seaford before its long journey to finally arrive
in New York, USA.

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                   Opening of the new Towner Gallery

 Eastbourne’s new Tower Gallery, built at a cost of £8.6 million, was officially opened by broadcaster and writer David Dimbleby  and with the Mayor, Cllr. Greg Szanto cutting the ribbon, on Saturday, April 4th 2009. This state-of-the-art building attached to the Congress Theatre will put Eastbourne firmly on the cultural map.

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New Horizons - Part Two (3.10mins)  > Click to View (Windows wmv)

Collection Connections - Part Three (2.18 mins)  > Click to View (Windows wmv)

First Floor - Part Four (2.13mins)  > Click to View (Windows wmv)

Second Floor - Part Five (3.20mins)  > Click to View (Windows wmv)

Celebrities - Part Six (3.30mins)  > Click to View (Windows wmv)

Snow Magic before Christmas

It isn’t often that Eastbourne has snow, but on the rare occasion that this occurs it transforms the town into a magic garden. These are scenes of Hampden Park, Willingdon and the Downswhere the snow is an invitation to really have fun.

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Eastbourne remembers the fallen

The annual Remembrance Sunday at the War Memorial was well attended despite the threat of rain. The fallen heroes of two World Wars and conflicts since and those still being fought, were remembered in the age-old traditional way, with the words ‘For your tomorrow, we gave our today.’ This sombre event was a reminder of how costly international aggression is. The men and women marched to the stirring music of the pipe band and the Mayor and Councillors paraded with other dignitaries. Afterwards, the people came forward to reverently place their crosses and remember loved ones that gave their lives in the cause of peace.

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The Wild West comes to Eastbourne
The Wild West may seem thousands of miles away from Eastbourne’s Terminus Road precinct but on Saturday, September 27th, genuine native Indians performed traditional music and song in all the splendour and regalia of their homeland. This was not just a re-enactment but a passionately felt glimpse into the South American culture with colourful costumes and authentic instruments.