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What's on at Eastbourne's theatres

The Royal Hippodrome

Professor John Pick talks about this landmark theatre and about the many famous artists who

played on this stage. It was, he said, unique, being one of the only remaining theatres in the country

by the renowned architect, C.J. Phipps, who not only built, but owned the theatre until his death. 

Professor Pick and Mark Jones have written a book about the theatre entitled ‘Mr Phipps’ Theatre’ ISBN 1 904031 38 2.

Hippodrome - The Beginning (6.45 mins)   > Click to View (Windows wmv)

Hippodrome - Famous Artists (9.02 mins)   > Click to View (Windows wmv)

Hippodrome - The Future (9.42 mins)   > Click to View (Windows wmv)

Devonshire Park Theatre   (6.46 mins)

The friends of the Devonshire Park Theatre take the viewer on a conducted tour of this

historic theatre commissioned by the 7th Duke of Devonshire and designed by the Duke's architect,

Henry Currey. It was opened on Monday, June 2nd 1884 and remains today an important part

of the town's entertainment scene.

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Congress Theatre

The Congress Theatre was built in 1963 and is connected to the Winter Garden by a restaurant building. 

This enterprise was designed to place Eastbourne firmly among the leading conference centres and for top

west end entertainment. 

Underground Theatre

The Underground Theatre puts on unusual and often controversial productions which make it an ideal contrast

with the bigger, council owned theatres. It is located under the present central library in Grove Road.

Winter Garden

The Winter Gardens was originally designed on the crystal palace in London, which after it burnt down made

this building a unique and historical place to visit. It is a central feature of Devonshire Park and was, for many

years in the Victorian times, a place to go skating.