Coming from the sunshine coast of Southern England

The past is full of memories

Dave Allen (16.12 mins) (Sound only)

Comedian Dave Allen visited Eastbourne in 1976

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Sandy Powell (11.10 mins) (Sound Only)

He was born in Rotherham and after he left school he became a music hall entertainer, often wearing a kilt in the guise of a Scottish

comedian. During this part of his career he was associated with the singer Gracie Fields, and collaborated with her on several records.

In the 1930s he appeared on the radio, always introducing his show with the catchphrase "Can You Hear Me, Mother?". During the

1930s he also starred in several films, usually as himself.

He continued his success on radio, on television and in pantomime through the 1940s and 1950s right up to 1982 and appeared

on three occasions at the Royal Command Performance. After the war, he came to live with his wife Kay at their new house in Elms

Avenue, Eastbourne.

Sandy Powell was awarded an MBE in 1975.

In this recording made at Elms Avenue in 1977, Sandy talks about his connection with the town.

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Jeffery Farnol (18.39 mins) (Sound Only)

John Jeffery Farnol, the author of numerous romantic and adventure books, was born at Aston, Birmingham. After eight years living

in America and working as a theatre scene painter, he returned to England following the success of his first published novel,

The Broad Highway (1910). This soon established his reputation for historic novels often set in the Georgian or Regency period. He

died at his Denton Road, Eastbourne home in 1952. In this interview, local writer Gerald Newson talks to Phylis, his wife. The recording

was made in 1977 at Denton Road, Eastbourne.

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Charles Tester at the Curzon Cinema  (Sound Only) (31.35 mins)

Charles Tester worked all his life in the cinema, rising from a 4th projectionist in Hastings to a Director of the Curzon Cinema in

Eastbourne. Its a fasinating and revealing experience.

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Ian Gow M.P. for Eastbourne 1974 - 1990 (10.50 mins) (Sound Only)

In memory of Ian Gow, killed by a terrorist bomb at his Hankham home (July 30th 1990 at 8.40am).

Recorded in March 1977.

Ian Gow and our membership of the EEC (22.14 Mins) (Sound only)

In 1978 Britain was about to vote on joining the European Parliament. Did former MP for Eastbourne, Ian Gow,

see the difficulties that such a major change would have on Britain? With promises on a future referendum you may

find his words interesting.

Air Vice Marshall White (40.38 mins) (Sound Only)

Air Vice Marshall White joined the Royal Flying Corp in 1914 and rose to the highest rank in the Royal Air Force, retiring in 1955.

This recording made in 1975 was made at his East Dean home.

The South Downs Way (35.45 mins) (Sound Only) 

The official opening of the South Downs Way at Beachy Head in July 1972.

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