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Gnosis by Robert Armstrong

When Peter’s sister, Sara, disappears without a trace, he is drawn into a world of intrigue and mystery. Nothing is what it seems. The author, Robert Armstrong, has based most of the locations on real places though some of the names have been disguised, from the Wilmington Giant, Eastbourne and the Downland villages in East Sussex. As Peter delves deeper into mysterious circumstances, his own life is placed in danger by sinister forces. By searching for his sister he has uncovered a hornets nest that not only affects his existence but that of the whole world. How can he stop the inevitable tide of events that started centuries ago and is now coming to a devastating climax?

ISBN 0-9542336-0-

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Gnosis, Secret of the Rings by Robert Armstrong

In this sequel to Gnosis, we return one year later to find Peter undergoing treatment for what the establishment consider to be a mental condition. Peter believes that he has lived through a dual existence brought on by Quantum Physics. But to the doctors the evidence is clear: his sister never disappeared, there is no Temple of Enlightenment and most assuredly, the secret service agent known as Paul never existed. Even so, all his old adversaries are still lurking in the undergrowth and new more terrifying events are unfolding. No longer just having to prove that he is sane, Peter finds himself shadowed by a doppelganger, an exact replica of himself. There are other anomalies as well; how could Kaiser return from the dead? What really is this demonic beast known as the Goat? Much of the action returns to East Sussex, the Guardians at Wilmington’s Long Man, the secret lodge at Glynham and the Temple of Enlightenment at Burnham. In Gnosis, Secret of the Rings, the Goat’s power has become worldwide causing a major threat to the future of mankind. Peter may be the only person capable of finding a solution, but to do so he must act fast.

ISBN 0-9542336-0-7

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The Sussex Martyrs by Robert Armstrong

A true story of courage and faith

Every Year in Lewes, an effigy of the Pope is carried through the streets and burnt on a huge bonfire. It is a reminder of a dark period in English history, when 'bloody' Queen Mary was on the throne and over 300 Protestants were sent to their death.

This is the true story of one of those martyrs, Richard Woodman, an iron master from the village of Warbleton, who along with ten others, were executed on June 22nd 1557, by being burnt at the stake.

His exact words, recorded in Fox's Book of Martyrs have been carefully woven by the author, into this moving story.

ISBN 0-95422336-0-3

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